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Continued Education for Pa Heavy Towing Company

Heavy Towing Company Professionals Complete Level 2 and 3 WreckMaster Training

As a leading heavy towing company in Woodland, DuBois, and Kylertown, Bigler Boyz Towing & Recovery understands the importance of staying up to date with the industry’s latest towing techniques and safety standards. The heavy towing company offers on-the-job training and continuing education for all of its employees. 

The Pennsylvania heavy towing company recently held a WreckMaster level 2 and 3 training for their employees at their Woodland, PA headquarters. The training took place over a 2-day period on February 1st and 2nd, 2023.

Learning the Latest Heavy Towing Techniques

This specific WreckMaster course taught the employees how to stay safe on the scene, prevent property damage claims, and calculate the towing capacity of our heavy towing company’s equipment and rigging. In addition, the heavy towing company professionals learned how to apply towing standards, perform basic winching, and apply this new knowledge to real-life problems. 

The heavy towing company professionals that attended this WreckMaster training were able to learn in a classroom setting and then apply what they learned to hands-on training. Mornings were reserved for structured classroom training, and hands-on training occurred during the second half of the day. 

In the afternoons, the heavy towing company employees applied the techniques and principles that they learned in a realistic setting. One such example was when they worked on a car that had rolled over on its roof. The heavy towing company used a rollback to turn the car over. They also used two wreckers to recover a school bus that had rolled onto its side.

The instructors of the training were Scott Aey and Dave Shambaugh from WreckMaster, who were happy to work with the Bigler Boyz heavy towing company. The entire heavy towing company crew was grateful for the knowledge that they gained from the workshop, and are excited to apply their new skills to real-life scenarios.

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More Knowledge and More Customer Satisfaction

After the 2-day training, 19 heavy towing company employees from Bigler Boyz completed the WreckMaster program. The Pennsylvania heavy towing compay is confident that this training will allow their crew to work even more efficiently while out on the road, and are sure that this will translate to more customer satisfaction. 

Learning the latest towing standards and techniques will also aid the heavy towing company professionals while on the scene of a recovery. The Bigler Boyz team is confident that tier entire team will be able to efficiently serve any customer that comes their way. 

Thank You from the Bigler Boyz Heavy Towing Company

The Bigler Boyz Towing & Recovery heavy towing company is proud to invest in the professional development of its employees. They would love to give a Special thanks to the WreckMaster instructor,s Scott Aey and Dave Shambaugh. They mentioned, “Thank you for being such wonderful instructors to our team!” 

In addition, the Pennsylvania heavy towing company would like to thank their generous customer, Fullington School Bus in Clearfield, PA, for donating a school bus that was used for the WreckMaster 2-day training in Woodland. 

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