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Smicksburg Heavy Duty Recovery Company Helps Stuck Bus

Heavy Duty Recovery Company Rescues Coach Bus From Disaster

Coordinating a funeral is already a tough task. Things become even more tricky when the transportation to the funeral is compromised and requires heavy duty recovery services. Bigler Boyz Towing & Recovery understands that this is no time for an amateur heavy towing company and is always ready to step up to the challenge.

Bigler Boyz Towing & Recovery recently responded to a large coach bus that had become stuck due to the road giving way at 23100 Route 954 Hwy N in Smicksburg, PA 16256.  The bus had turned off the main roadway and was heading down a private dirt lane toward the destination of an Amish funeral. Unfortunately, the journey was halted by a serious heavy duty recovery situation.

Our heavy duty recovery technician called the driver of the bus to determine what would be needed for the recovery and to request pictures of how the coach was stuck.  The panicked driver advised that he was unable to get pictures as the bus was partially off the road and leaning precariously. The driver feared getting out of the bus and it rolling over.  

We did our best with the information given and set out to the scene with a 50-ton rotator and plenty of personnel to assist. Upon arrival on the scene, it was observed that the situation was much worse than anticipated. The rear portion of the bus was completely off the dirt lane with the bus leaning hard towards the passenger side, the roof very close to trees, and the front driver’s side suspended in the air approximately 5 feet off the ground. Even worse – the rear passenger side of the bus wasn’t touching the ground at all!

Due to the positioning of the bus and the narrow width of the private lane, workspace was very limited.  Our heavy duty recovery crew assisted the worried drivers in getting out of the bus safely.  

Thanks to the extreme positioning of the bus and extremely tight work area, a larger 75-ton rotator was dispatched to the scene with an emergency response truck for additional rigging and heavy duty recovery supplies.  The 75-ton rotator was needed to have a longer reach.

Once the 75-ton rotator arrived on-scene, we set-up for the recovery to begin. Rimslings were installed in both drive wheels and the steer wheel on the driver’s side of the bus.  Multiple winch lines and snatch blocks were required in order to get the rigging set-up to recover the bus without it rolling over or causing additional damage.  The bus was brought back onto the road and checked over. Luckily, even after this ordeal, the bus was still drivable!

All rigging was removed, the winches were spooled and the rotator was put back into the transport position.  All personnel and equipment were returned to our facility, restocked, returned to service and placed available.

Although funerals are a somber time, Bigler Boyz heavy duty recovery team was happy to have an opportunity to help during a time of need. Well done, crew!

Details of Heavy Duty Recovery Company Rescuing Coach Bus From Disaster

The Bigler Boyz heavy duty recovery team recently received a call for a coach bus that was stuck in Smicksburg, PA. While traveling to an Amish funeral, the bus became immobilized and required heavy recovery services to continue its journey.  

The heavy duty recovery crew made contact with the driver of the coach bus to better prepare for the situation at hand. As part of the bus was hanging off the road and the entire vehicle leaning haphazardly, the driver did not feel safe getting off the bus to take pictures for fear of a rollover.

With this in mind, the heavy duty recovery company dispatched a 50-ton rotator and several heavy towing personnel to take care of the bus. The entire heavy duty recovery team was shocked to finally arrive on scene and realize the severity of the circumstances.

The complications of this heavy duty recovery job were the rear portion of the bus hanging off the dirt road, the coach leaning towards the passenger side, low clearance with overhanging trees, and the driver’s front side being suspended about 5 feet up in the air. 

This dangerous configuration and the limited workspace afforded by the narrow dirt road meant that the heavy duty recovery team had some quick and clever problem solving to do. But before starting, the heavy recovery company ensured the safety of the bus driver and helped him exit the vehicle. Next, the heavy duty recovery technicians radioed back to dispatch to request the assistance of our 75-ton rotator for enhanced reach, additional rigging, and heavy duty recovery supplies.

Once at the site, it was time for the heavy duty recovery to take place. Rimslings were fitted on both drive wheels and the steer wheel along the driver’s side. Several winch lines and snatch blocks assisted the rigging mechanisms to prevent rollover and additional damage. 

After getting the bus back on the road, the heavy duty recovery team checked the vehicle for potential problems. Much to everyone’s surprise, the damage was minimal and the bus still drivable! 

Each of the rigging components was removed, the winches were spooled and the rotator was put back into the transport position by the Smicksburg heavy duty recovery team.  

We are pleased to report that this job was completed successfully and safely!

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