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Heavy Rigging Company Responds to Fire on 1-80

Step by Step of Local Heavy Rigging Company Recovery After Tractor Trailer Fire 

Heavy rigging company, Bigler Boyz Towing & Recovery recently responded to a tractor trailer fire in Pennsylvania, on I-80 mm 140.6 EB. The trailer’s tandem had caught fire with extensive damage to the slider box assembly, air suspension, air brakes, bottom frame rails, wheels, and tires. The heavy rigging company dispatcher learned that the trailer was loaded with 35,000 pounds.  

The heavy rigging company dispatcher also learned that the side skirting was partially burned off of the trailer on the passenger side, and both trailer tires on the passenger side were burnt.  Personnel initially worked to get the trailer off of the side of the roadway and onto the crossover, where additional work was completed to get the unit back to the heavy rigging company safely.  

The heavy rigging company service truck and personnel jacked up the trailer and removed the two burnt wheels and tires.  A replacement super single wheel and tire were installed on the right rear to get the trailer from the side of the road to the emergency crossover.

The heavy rigging company response truck with variable message boards was used to assist with traffic control. The rollback was used to transport the tracked skid loader and trailer tandem dolly to the location. The tracked skid loader was used for positioning the tandem dolly under the trailer.

The side skirting was melted and falling off of the trailer on the right side, so the heavy rigging company cut it off of the trailer and loaded it for transport.  The tractor was hooked up to the trailer for towing. The trailer was pulled to the nearby crossover for installation of the tandem dolly for towing to the heavy rigging company’s facility. The heavy duty rotator was moved into position, the outriggers were deployed, and the truck was leveled for the lift.

Rigging was attached to the rear of the trailer. The rotator’s boom was rotated towards the rear of the trailer and the main winches were connected to the rigging. The heavy rigging company’s rotator was then used to lift the rear of the trailer several feet into the air for positioning of the emergency tandem dolly suspension.  

The emergency suspension was positioned under the rear of the trailer.  The air tank on the emergency suspension was inflated and the suspension height was set to lift the trailer onto the wheels and tires of the dolly. The damaged suspension was now suspended into the air for towing to the heavy rigging company facility. The dolly was strapped and secured in place.

The heavy rigging company response truck with variable message boards was then moved to the westbound side of the highway, and the sign was activated to move over traffic to get the damaged unit off of the crossover. The trailer was towed to the heavy rigging company facility and placed into storage.

The following day, the heavy rigging company transferred the cargo from the customer’s damaged trailer to a replacement trailer provided by the customer.  Pallets were going in the wrong direction for the pallet jack, so the heavy rigging company crew needed to use chains and forklifts to pull out pallets, spin and put them in another trailer.  

The heavy rigging company then used a pallet jack in another trailer to position the pallets. Lastly, the empty trailer then went into the heavy rigging company commercial truck body shop facility for repairs. 

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